Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life rolls on...

Been awhile since I have "blogged"! Well, lots has happened since then. I gave real estate and the building business the boot. As my good friend Donny says, "Let the market dictate what you do". Believe it or not I began a another mortgage company. It seems to be my safety zone. It's what I know. I really love helping people that other people turn their backs on. So many people have had their credit damaged by the economy or some other tragedy in their lives. I help them fight through the issues and eventually realize the American Dream. God gives us gifts in this life. Mine is problem solving. I still feel like a fish out of water though. I'm getting alot of satisfaction out of my career but I have a void I can't figure out how to fill. Almost like I'm having just an illusion that I'm where I should be but not really. Oh well, I'll have time to meditate on that in Key West.

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