Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Death of Regal

I started this BLOG earlier this year. Just playing around. Put some thoughts into type. I named it "A New Road" because I knew I would be taking, a new road. I feel like the next chapter of my life is about to unfold. I just reconnected with a dear friend from my past. She is a writer and has inspired me to write more. So, here goes a little on my life and more will be to come!

It may sound a little silly, but Regal was like a person to me. Regal gave me financial stability, made me feel good about myself, and gave me freedom like no other influence in my life ever did. Regal was my company. I started it myself with a equity loan on my house, it just snowballed from there. It started with me and a processor. It grew and grew. The housing market made it easy for us. We did mortgages, and alot of them.

Since the fall of 2006, the housing market has tumbled. Homes have dropped in value, guidelines for mortgages are getting tighter, and some great programs have disappeared. Sad situation. Our life blood was and always has been government loans. Now, with the loss of down payment assistance, I feel the end is near for most all mortgage brokers. Legislators are so wrapped up in saving banks, they have taken a very conservative stand. I understand where they are coming from, but down payment assistance wasn't the cause of this mess. We are a nation deeply troubled in the credit world.

I pray to God the situation will straighten out. For many mortgage professionals and real estate agents, this is all we know how to do. We do it to the best of our ability. Honestly, fairly, and with the utmost care for our customers. There has got to be a remedy. God bless those who are in my industry, loosing everything they have worked hard for. Life is tough, but we still have to remember to thank God for even the rough things in life. They are lessons to help us down the road.

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