Sunday, September 28, 2008

Realtors, a new prespective

Just entering into the field of real estate in these times may seem like a recipe for failure. I am doing my very best to keep a positive attitude. I really just began this journey last weekend. For the first time last Saturday I sat a subdivision. What that basically means is an agent goes to an empty house in a new home development and is available for anyone who wants more information on the development or wants to see any of the homes. In short, you are a house sitter. I am today on my fourth sitting. In four days I have had one person show up. A lovely lady who told me her 4th cousin in the Philippines may move here in December if they can get a job. I do have enthusiasm, I really do, but I'm not so sure this sitting thing is something I should be doing. I believe over the long term, my enthusiasm will be shattered!

Coming from the mortgage world, I had learned to detest Realtors. They simply irritated me to no end. Constantly nagging for a closing because most were broke and blamed me for a client's crappy credit. Yes, folks I don't like to close loans and make money. I like to just see how long I can stretch out getting loans closed because I don't like to make money. Well, that is what you feel like telling them. Getting into the "Realtor scene" I can appreciate at least the ones who work hard, and there are a few who do. This industry has been riddled with bored housewives who did this for some extra money now and then. With the market being such that it is, those folks are getting weeded out and professionals are rising to the top.
I do know I'm going to have to get a new approach or failure is in sight!

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Ann Hite said...

Maybe it is time to do something completely new!