Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Drive...

Today Brad and I just got in the car and took a drive. We basically said, "East or west?" We chose west. Setting out, we only had a smile and an idea that we would discover a new place we'd never been to. We took I-10 through Mobile and hung a left. There was an island off the coast of Alabama that we'd never been to before, Dauphin Island. We easied our way as far south as the road would take us. Brad was actually driving slower than the speed limit most of the way. Just happy to be riding down the road together.

Dauphin Island had apparently had some flooding issues from hurricane Ike. We saw one end of the island that had police vehicles blocking it off. The main drag through the little island seemed like it didn't have any flooding. It was odd looking, but coming onto the island there was a little canal that strongly resembled a wide ditch. The odd thing was that in this little canal where some oyster boats docked and tied. Across the street was a old bait and tackle store. The place looked deserted. I wondered if the boat captains where in there or if they just used that spot to dock their boats. The boats were old weathered looking wooden vessels. The paint was peeling and they were obviously not used to promote status in the community! These were true "work" boats.

On the way back we came down the other side of Mobile Bay. We went down through Gulf Shores and took the road heading east along the Gulf. We stopped in Orange Beach and had a bite to eat at Tacky Jack's on the water. We had our lunch sitting overlooking the inner coastal waterway. Very peaceful. My Sunday drive with Brad was awesome.

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Ann Hite said...

sounds like a wonderful day. i love just driving.